Approvals and Requests On-the-Go

Going Mobile: Improving Visibility

In recent years, mobility in the workplace has been rapidly growing. Driven by technological advancements like smartphones and web-based applications, the modern business landscape is witnessing the traditional business environment quickly fading. When we look at today’s work environment, we see that business conduct is no longer bound by brick-and-mortar location. And, this is because stakeholders like customers and internal teams have come to demand tools that help them work whenever and wherever they are.

Enterprise Mobility trends highlight that 61% of workers report working outside the office at least part of the time. This statistic, in fact, belongs to best-in-class performers. Companies that are unwilling to embrace mobility, or are ineffectively using mobile technology, risk being outperformed by competitors that are adapting to a newly flexible business world.

The reality is that there are some concerns when it comes to business mobility, but, ultimately, businesses can accelerate and react to things as they happen in real-time with mobile technology. And, this improves workflow and efficiency while reducing risk.

Let’s look at the benefits of mobility, and how it is important for visibility into operational workflows like approvals and requests.

Mobile technology, including smartphones, tablets, unified communications and cloud-based applications enable us to improve approval processes, when physical documents threaten confidentiality and security. Moving this into the digital realm, and incorporating mobile technology makes it possible to eliminate this problem. Furthermore, when it comes to mobile, employees access data on-the-go and enjoy complete security. Information on the mobile is reliable, and easily accessible.

Having access to approvals and requests through mobile devices also enables teams to better collaborate. Workplace collaboration between partners, teams and individuals enable companies to better work on projects. If your company uses collaboration software, it becomes possible to keep the conversation going in real-time, from anywhere, at anytime. With access to an online connection and relevant user credentials, teams work together more efficiently and effectively in a virtual environment.

The Importance of viewing data from anywhere.

Because mobile devices give businesses visibility into workflows and data from any location at anytime, employees gain access to requests and approvals that can more efficiently and effectively move within the organization and through all departments.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and tablets, today, your teams have no excuse when it comes to monitoring processes, capturing information on-the-go, and committing to internal workflows. In today’s modern landscape, employees are no longer desk-bound when implementing, integrating and executing approvals and requests.

Becoming a best-in-class business means capturing requests, having real-time access to emails, and making upper-level decisions on-the-go. The companies that are able to speed up these processes will deliver on business objectives. With more efficiency, we can now accelerate the traditional paper-based approach, and align outcomes throughout the organization in a shorter period of time. Mobility is an element that has been adopted by best-in-class performers, going mobile is something we must consider to stay ahead of the curve.




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