Why You Should be Deploying Reusable and Customizable Applications

The choice of whether to build an application from scratch or reuse and customize an already-existing one is a daunting task. The possibilities seem endless with what both can do, but deciding can be confusing.

Statistics show that employees spend 20% to 40% of their time searching for documents manually, and take an average of 18 minutes to locate a document. To augment these kinds of business processes means to become more efficient, and gain a grasp on internal and external workflow and activities. It is often the case that instead of paying a supplier to build software to automate our processes, it is more effective to be less dependent on an outside source, and take advantage of our IT department, instead. After all, isn’t it important for you to have full ownership of your app?

Before jumping into the process of building an app with a supplier, the first question you should ask yourself is, “What need can I fill that doesn’t currently exist?” Once you have understood the gaps in your business process, you have a better understanding of where to fill those gaps. And when you need to consider if you will be outsourcing development, or working with a platform that has already been built, you will have to outway the benefits and disadvantages of both.

Here are the 5 benefits of building a reusable and customizable application:

  • You will spend less money on the functionality you need since you’ll be using a previously developed design.
  • The development process will be faster and easier.
  • New software projects can be expedited, with more pretested code and less bugs.
  • Your apps will be integrated into custom software, and provide a seamless experience between all devices.

If you’re going to forgo building an app from scratch, and use your internal IT team’s skill and expertise to be managing and modifying an existing application, then you’ve realized that building from scratch with an outside source will make you dependent on them for things like ongoing support. But, do you really need a provider that doesn’t have time to devote to your needs?

Why a Reusable Application Works

Using a reusable set of code builds the blocks for a higher-level software. Once a framework is built, it can always be reused.

Rebuilding an app, and using the same business logic, and a similar design, enables your IT team to have flexibility when customizing your app. By building, changing and maintaining the application, it is possible to build one without needing to write endless lines of code – everything is automated!

With a reusable and customizable app, you have everything you need to quickly deliver simple and sophisticated process automation across your entire organization.

Driving Processes to Completion

In the end, your app should be all about getting work done quickly and efficiently. If the application doesn’t fulfill that goal, you can scrap it and rebuild a new one. With a solution that’s already built, your entire IT department will have the ability to customize and extend applications further, and have clear guidance on how to tailor the solution to your business needs.



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